College of spiritual education provides unique Spiritual education Course for those who have interest in spirituality. This coaching is totally different from all other traditional teachings and orthodox beliefs. It is a completely unbiased logic and universal facts based divine knowledge.

Spiritual practices are incomplete if you do not have logic based unbiased wisdom of your spiritual queries.  To know something different you need to learn something unique. If you are doing same as others, you will also be confused like them in spiritual journey because your available information is incomplete and illogical.

College of Spiritual education has been imparting education of unique Spiritual concepts, which gives offish answers to all those questions, which are often considered unanswerable.


  1. Religion & Spirituality
  2. Past, Present & Other Karmas
  3. Role of Positivity and Negativity
  4. Worldly success, Relationships
  5. Problems & Circumstances
  6. Sin-Virtue, Right-Wrong
  7. Superstitions and Beliefs
  8. Soul, Body, Guru, Salvation


I Shunya Learning The theory of formless presence of Soul and the God.
II Karma Wellness The working system of the Karma and the consequences.


III Napoo Healing Secretive knowledge of evil world for paranormal problems.

Unique features:

  • Coaching open to all.
  • Part time/full time earning.
  • Become Mentor for other people.
  • No religious knowledge required.
  • No books/writings/ notes required.
  • No rituals required to solve problems.
  • Unique knowledge of spiritual world.
  • Help others to correct all incorrect daily acts.
  • Inner satisfaction and Self-Spiritual elevation.
  • No orthodox teaching; Superstitions-free teachings.
  • Vision to recognize sin-virtue and right wrong according to spirituality.
  • Help others to live superstition-free life without orthodox beliefs.

Individual coaching is available. Contact for more details and queries.

Founder: Vijay Batra