Vijay Batra Karmalogist® is a world renowned name for superstition-free spiritual and void knowledge. Vijay Batra has vast experience in personal counselling, spiritual coaching and paranormal healing.  There are many benefits that you can derive from Vijay Batra’s unique workshops and spiritual coaching. You can get the best guidance about personal, worldly or spiritual problems and confusions here. He helps overcome any obstacle of life and guide with effective form of counselling and spiritual remedies to eradicate problems. Karmalogist also offers quality assistance in various aspects of life such as Relationships, Stress, Confusion, Distraction, Mistakes, Sins, Guilt, Fear and other problems.

Those interested in availing of this service can choose between one-to-one personal counselling and online counselling. Vijay Batra offers the following services at his centre.

Vijay Batra is imparting his spiritual knowledge by his workshops and seminars as well and now-a-days started new concept of spiritual coaching for worldly and spiritually achievements.

Spiritual education by Vijay Batra

Where to start Spiritual journey?
What is your Spiritual development?
What should be done for Spiritual growth?
If the soul has no senses (or form), why does it need salvation?
What to follow to be a complete Spiritual soul?
How to gain in Spiritual world?
How to develop a unique divine spirit within?
What are the levels of Spiritual development?
Is there a need to understand religion for Spiritual growth?
What is the Spiritual solution to eradicate superstitions and orthodox beliefs?
What is the benefit of being Spiritual while facing worldly problems?
Is there any Spiritual mantra or not?
Is there any relation between Spiritualism and religious mantras?
Should you chant or leave chanting for awakening powers within?
Which remedy needs to do or needs to leave for Spiritual gain?
Should you attach or detach from religious activity?
How to balance past and current karma?
How to achieve salvation without any rituals?
What is difference between worldly happiness and Spiritual happiness?
How to know about Spiritual relationship, soul to soul?

Spiritual education by Vijay Batra Karmalogist helps to become Voidist (Shunyatmik).

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Vijay Batra provides unique ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ for those who have interest in spirituality and seeking answers to all those spiritual questions which are still considered unanswerable. This coaching is totally different from all other traditional teachings and orthodox beliefs. Spiritual Life coaching of  Vijay Batra is not based on yoga, meditation and ancient stories. It is based on spiritual research and experiences which has complete knowledge of the journey of soul( from creation to liberation).

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual life coaching is a one-to-one session with Vijay Batra Karmalogist® which has the aim of assessing and magnifying your spiritual quotient and It will helps to understand self-spiritual level for more spiritual achievements and developments. In other benefits, you will know your personal mission of life and facts based logical answers to all your spiritual questions.

Special features:

Firstly, spiritual coaching is imparting knowledge of Karma theory which will work to reduce/eradicate effects of past karma and it will explain the framework and working of spiritual world. This spiritual dating is especially for enlightenment of the soul because it improves daily performed karma for a better life ahead.

  • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve personal relationships and personal life
  • Bring clear and logical thinking in daily life
  • Solve any kind of personal, professional or social problem
  • Eliminate fears, stress and any kind of confusion in life
  • Remove all types of Superstitions and stereotypical beliefs
  • Time and venue according to your convenience

Vijay Batra has been providing services for more than a decade and has thousands of satisfied clients across the globe. Vijay Batra is blessed with spiritual and paranormal abilities and is creator of Napoo paranormal healing.

Benefits of Spiritual Life Coaching:

  • Freedom from fear and confusion of sin-virtues
  • Freedom from superstitions and orthodox beliefs
  • Freedom from incorrectly performed daily karma
  • Freedom from all negative effects of past karma
  • Freedom from illogical knowledge creating doubts

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Vijay Batra is bringing two new concepts for people who are looking for spiritual elevation. These are new-age logical concepts designed for people who want to learn extraordinary and offbeat spiritual concepts.

  1. Meditation with open eyes - Everyone practices meditation with closed eyes, but when divine eye is opened, there is no need to close eyes to connect with the Almighty.
  2. Salvation before death – Everyone believes that salvation is rare to achieve, even after death, but it is now possible before death with spiritual logics and divine stage of soul.

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