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Napoo Healing
Vijay Batra Karmalogist says that our body is made of elements, like, fire, air, water, earth and sky. When someone is attacked by negative force, one or two body elements get imbalanced which cause mental, physical and financial problems. Napoo eradicates negative effect through element balancing healing techniques and it creates strong aura layers for further protection from such attacks.

When medical tests are not able to identify reason of physical suffering(s) and no popular remedy works against worldly or spiritual problems, this is a symptom that problems are related to evil eye, black magic, or spells. Napoo healing technique works for removal and protection through element based spiritual healing and elementary remedies.

Napoo Healing also works in:
Past karma suffering carried by birth
Present karma mistakes causing misfortune
Other's karma suffering leads negative life
Vijay Batra Karmalogist provides Napoo healing weekly and monthly program for personal protection and family protection.

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About Napoo Healing
Napoo Healing was initiated in 2004 by Napoo foundation after many years of research on the invisible occult world. Napoo Foundation is originally from India and this healing course was started with the aim to teach very effective cost free self-healing methods for all kinds of negative powers. Napoo healing is growing very fast in the world, because of tremendous results.

Napoo Healing is the world's most effective methods for invisible evil powers. Napoo means complete eradication of all negative energy problems, which are invisibly harming all areas of personal life slowly. It is a new modern version of healing technique and completely different from all types of performing rituals and other healing methods.

Firstly, Napoo helps to know the symptoms and difference between Negativity, Evil Eye, Black Magic, Spell Casting, Curse and External or Internal effect of Bad Spirits. Napoo provides excellent relief from all kinds of inauspicious situations and sufferings because it is one of the most secretive metaphysical techniques, which is not based on traditional rituals and orthodox methods.

People in India and abroad have been benefitted through Napoo Healing & Napoo Yantra and are living a protected peaceful life without any type of evil problems. Every individual has got permanent solution. Napoo Yantra is used for protection from all types of negative energy and it can be collected for free of cost from Napoo Foundation office.

Napoo is also for those, who want mysterious enlightenment and extreme expertize to recognize actual type of evil problems. Earlier, occult practices were in hands of limited people because of incomplete knowledge and scary rumors about them. And now, after a deep research of many years, Napoo Foundation has invented a unique way to learn about spirit world and element power based permanent solution to all types of black magic and evil problems.

Napoo Healing also works in:

  • When someone uses negative energy to control subconscious mind to create conflict between family members.
  • When someone creates unnecessary reasons to create separation between husband-wife.
  • When someone creates hurdles through negative powers to stop your success and may cause not to achieve goals.
  • When negative energy of someone harms you physically or you always feel sick but medical reports fail to recognize the actual problem.
  • When all other healing techniques are not enough to eradicate negative energy and spells permanently.
  • When someone hypnotizes your mind and body and pull you into wrong activities or wrong decisions.
  • When any traditional ritual and good karma does not work and no results of remedies are received.
  • When no prayers or blessings work against negative energy and evil mind programming.
  • When your mind is unable to think, is always confused and fearful.
  • When your aura attracts the negative powers which becomes a cause of mishappenings and misfortunes.
  • When only negative thoughts come true and you are unable to think positively.
  • When own aura becomes weak and negative energy controlling permanently
  • When feeling of negativity and heaviness is felt at home, causing fights, arguments and differences in all relationships.

Call for Napoo Healing
9811677316, 8800357316
Vijay Batra Karmalogist

Napoo Healing Course
Napoo is an Indian technique for negative energy that promotes permanent protection through element healing alternative therapy. It is a simple and safe method for self-protection that everyone can use and provides excellent relief from all kinds of inauspicious situations and sufferings.

Its use is not dependent on one's intellect and therefore is available to everyone. It has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. Napoo is not a religion and not dependent on any belief at all. There is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use it.

Napoo Foundation is providing Napoo training through academic lectures with complete knowledge of active spirit world. It is totally different from all other healing techniques. There is two part of Napoo Learning, first is academic lectures with complete secretive knowledge of active evil world. After completing the first part, you will have a clear understanding of negative energy, evil eye, curse, black magic and bad spirits.

Second part of Napoo learning is activation of Napoo power, use of elements with Napoo tool, and benefits of Napoo Symbol. After completing the second part, you can protect yourself from evil problems without depending on any other healer or remedy.
Special features of Napoo Healing after Learning

  • Free of cost treatment for evil problems
  • Be self-independent to heal your negativity
  • No requirement of any healer and remedy
  • Awake Napoo power against dark energy
  • Secretive methods to remove black magic
  • Complete secretive knowledge of bad spirits
  • Full protection without traditional practices
  • Mysterious enlightenment of invisible world
  • Fear-free advanced learning to eradicate spells
  • Life-time support from Napoo foundation

Napoo Healing Crash Course
Good news for you that Karmalogist Vijay Batra is introducing a Crash course for Napoo healing. When you are confirmed that you are affected by others negative energy, evil eye, curse, spells or black magic, you must do this for self-protection and family protection. You can use it anytime and anywhere after completion of the crash course. It is the quickest way of learning Napoo and is very effective for self-defense against evil energies.
Contact for Napoo Learning
9811677316, 8800357316
Vijay Batra Karmalogist
Napoo Yantra

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Napoo Yantra is used for protection against negative energy, evil eye and black magic. It provides excellent relief from inauspicious situations and sufferings.

The Yantra must be put at the main entrance of the home to protect the family and it can be used in bedrooms when negativity affects personal relationships. Put it at workplace when money matters arise.

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Vijay Batra Karmalogist Founder of Napoo foundation is the sole provider of Napoo Yantra. Copying it for money collection or advertisement will be considered as an offence. This Yantra is provided to everybody and is only for personal use.

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