Vijay Batra - Spiritual Life Coach

Vijay Batra was born on 21st April 1968 in a middle class family in Delhi, INDIA. He is a born Shunyatmik Guru, spiritual coach, spiritual counselor and his journey into Shunyatam began at a tender age of 9. Since then, he has only grown and bettered lives of everyone around him. Vijay Batra is also known as Karmalogist and he is a renowned personality in the spiritual field. He is the founder of (1) ShuunyaPanth and (2) Shuunyalogy where he imparts Shunya Gyan, and elevates the Shunyatmik level of people. He has authored the source which contains the basics and background of Shunyatm. He has also authored several other paranormal and spiritual books and courses. He has a practical and logical approach and offers quality assistance in various aspects of life.

Vijay Batra is your spiritual Life Coach and spiritual counsellor who helps you easily get answers to questions while living and enjoying your daily life. Questions such as:

  • Where to start Spiritual journey?
  • What is your Spiritual development?
  • What should be done for Spiritual growth?
  • If the soul has no senses (or form), why does it need salvation?
  • What to follow to be a complete Spiritual soul?
  • How to gain in Spiritual world?
  • How to develop a unique divine spirit within?
  • What are the levels of Spiritual development?
  • Is there a need to understand religion for Spiritual growth?
  • What is the Spiritual solution to eradicate superstitions and orthodox beliefs?
  • What is the benefit of being Spiritual while facing worldly problems?
  • Is there any Spiritual mantra or not?
  • Is there any relation between Spiritualism and religious mantras?
  • Should you chant or leave chanting for awakening powers within?
  • Which remedy needs to do or needs to leave for Spiritual gain?
  • Should you attach or detach from religious activity?
  • How to balance past and current karma?
  • How to achieve salvation without any rituals?
  • What is difference between worldly happiness and Spiritual happiness?
  • How to know about Spiritual relationship, soul to soul?

Vijay Batra helps you assess and magnify your spiritual quotient. He will help you understand your spiritual level and will guide you in your personal mission of life. He is an expert in imparting knowledge of Karma theory which will work to reduce/eradicate effects of past karma and will explain the framework and working of spiritual world. Vijay Batra is blessed with metaphysical abilities and has helped people grow in various aspects of life.

  • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve personal relationships and personal life
  • Bring clear and logical thinking in daily life
  • Solve any kind of personal, professional or social problem
  • Eliminate fears, stress and any kind of confusion in life
  • Remove all types of Superstitions and stereotypical beliefs

Vijay Batra has been guiding people on their spiritual path for more than a decade and has thousands of satisfied followers across the globe.

Do you have any of these questions in mind?

  • Do I need help in spiritual success?
  • Do I need to get rid of superstitions and doubts?
  • Do I need to improve my thought process?
  • Am I scared of belief systems?
  • Am I on the right and logical path?
  • Am I trying to run away from everything?
  • Am I confused about life?
  • Am I stressed about circumstances?
  • Do I need to remove any type of negativity?
  • Do I need to know the reason of how planets and evil things affect me?
  • Do I need to know the reasons and solutions of anything?

If you answered YES to any one of the questions above, you must contact Vijay Batra, who is ready to guide you and show you your path ahead.

Vijay Batra is an expert in spirituality and has conducted workshops about various spiritual topics.

  • Religion and Spirituality.

Both are different, not one. People are being confused about religion and spirituality; Both are being misused these days.

  • Past, Present and Other's Karma.

A soul bears many types of consequences of Karma which people want to know. They also want to know  about the existence of soul & salvation.

  • Negativity and Positivity

There are two types of energies in the world, Negative and Positive. People want to know the right use of energies to balance karma & to face its consequences.

  • Worldly Things

People are unaware how to be happy & satisfied with what they have and how much they should attach to worldly things.


Vijay Batra works collaboratively with you to help you set and achieve your personal and spiritual goals while facilitating personal growth. Vijay Batra will help you awaken your Holistic powers and abilities which you can use to help others.

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