Shunya means formless Almighty called God and ShunyaPanth is a community which believes in Shunya.  ShunyaPanth is providing a great opportunity to become Shunyatmik with unique ShunyaGyan of formless Soul, Action and Salvation.

ShunyaPanth says that Spiritual practices are incomplete if you are doing same as others, you will also be confused like them because your available information is incomplete. To get something different and unique you need to learn different.

Spirituality is not religion. Perceiving spirituality as religion or religion as spirituality can cause fear and confusion. Only superstition-free divine knowledge will eradicate your dependency on outer world and create light within. Spiritual development is never possible without worldly detachment.

ShunyaPanth is also says that If you are being spiritual to gain worldly things then you are on wrong path. Worldly failure is the symptom of success in spiritual world. Spirituality is for soul and religion is for body. You need to change your path, if you are practicing spirituality with body and religion with soul. Spirituality does not preach to leave everything; it only helps to understand what is to be adopted and what is to be avoided in the world.

ShunyaPanth is does not ask you to follow anything of the world and it is not about chanting mantras or performing rituals. It is only for Shunya enlightenment to achieve Salvation. ShunyaPanth is opening ShunyaLok all over the world and providing superhuman spiritual and ShunyaGyaan to the seekers.

Knowledge of ShunyaPanth is to eradicate and counter all superstitions and orthodox beliefs. Shunya Panth is about unbiased theory of universe and it has truthful answers for all those spiritual questions which are mostly considered as unanswered.

Unique knowledge of Shunya Panth:

  • The theory of formless Almighty.
  • Birth of soul and types of souls.
  • The working and types of Karmas.
  • Spiritual Awakening and Development.
  • The factors affecting the consequences.
  • Eradicate orthodox beliefs, fears and confusions.

Void education of Shunya Panth

  1. Know your spiritual level
  2. Know formless Almighty
  3. Know Spirituality and planet earth
  4. Know all Karma and their consequences
  5. Reality of Sin-virtue and hell-heaven
  6. Superstitions and orthodox beliefs
  7. Negativity through deeds and chanting
  8. Know about Life after death/ Life before birth
  9. Know Realization and Salvation
  10. Know answers to all your questions
  11. Revision and improvement of daily karma
  12. Purpose of life and way to live spiritually

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Founder, Director - VIJAY BATRA