Shunya means formless Almighty / God and Shunya-Panth is a spiritual community which believes in Shunya.  Shunya panth is providing a great opportunity to become Spiritual Coach (master) with unique formless spiritual knowledge of Soul/Atma, Action/Karma and Salvation/Moksha. 

  • No rituals
  • No chanting
  • No superstitions
  • No time-pass stories

Shunya-Panth says that Spiritual practices are incomplete if you are doing same as others, you will also be confused like them because your available information is incomplete. To get something different and unique you need to learn different from books and stories.

Spirituality is not religion. Perceiving spirituality as religion or religion as spirituality can cause fear and confusion. Only superstition-free divine knowledge will eradicate your dependency on outer world and create light within. Spiritual development is never possible without worldly detachment.

shunya panth is also says that If you are being spiritual to gain worldly things then you are on wrong path. Worldly failure is the symptom of success in spiritual world. Spirituality is for soul and religion is for body. You need to change your path, if you are practicing spirituality with body and religion with soul. Spirituality does not preach to leave everything; it only helps to understand what is to be adopted and what is to be avoided in the world.

Shunya Panth is not a religion and does not ask you to follow anything of the world and it is not about chanting mantras or rituals and does not ask to change any beliefs. It is only for divine enlightenment to achieve Moksha. Shunya Panth is opening Shunya centres all over the world and providing superhuman spiritual knowledge (Shunya Gyaan) to the seekers (Shunya Panthi) through divine Shunya book (Shunya-Samhita).

Knowledge of Shunya Panth is to eradicate and counter all superstitions and orthodox beliefs. Shunya-Samhita is written about unbiased theory of universe and it has truthful answers for all those spiritual questions which are mostly considered as unanswered. 

Unique knowledge of Shunya-Panth

  • The theory of formless Almighty.
  • Birth of soul and types of souls.
  • The working and types of Karmas.
  • Spiritual Awakening & Development.
  • The factors affecting the consequences.
  • Eradicate orthodox beliefs, fears and confusions.

Higher education of Shunya-Panth

  1. Know your spiritual level
  2. Know formless Almighty
  3. Know Spirituality and planet earth
  4. Know all Karma and their consequences
  5. Reality of Sin-virtue and hell-heaven
  6. Superstitions and orthodox beliefs
  7. Negativity through deeds and chanting
  8. Know about Life after death/ Life before birth
  9. Know Realization and Salvation
  10. Know answers to all your questions
  11. Revision and improvement of daily karma
  12. Purpose of life and way to live spiritually

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End of Ignorance – Attainment of Salvation

Vijay Batra, the founder of Shunya-panth over the last many years has been providing guidance to people and help put an end to regressive mindset and superstitions. His logical explanations and examples have been appreciated by thousands of people in India and abroad. He has even created a doctrine on Shunya-samhita (a doctrine) to disseminate the mysterious knowledge of spirituality and action and its result. The Shunya-samhita provides logical answers to all spiritual questions that help a person to free himself from superstition and become fearless and positive. He believes religion is not spirituality and it is necessary for a religious person to be spiritual. That is why he propagates a religion-free spirituality – spirituality devoid of religion. We urge you to take advantage of this knowledge.

Mr Batra explains different sciences through his logical knowledge. Among these sciences, astrology is the first. When things do not happen as per expectations or when a person unnecessarily worries about the future, then he becomes dependent on astrology. Astrology is a great science through which the mental and financial condition of a person can be assessed by taking the position of the planets into consideration.

A person despite not being wealthy is ready to spend a fortune on remedies suggested by astrologers because the astrologers convince him that his destiny will change, he will attain happiness and prosperity and all his problems will be over. Every day, many such people come to Mr Batra after having tried suggested remedies and failed. They come with a feeling of having been cheated.

You will agree that whatever we get is dependent on our past deeds. And our past deeds cannot be changed in this life. If you look at your horoscope when you are 40 years old, you will find that the position of the planets are the same as they were at the time of your birth. They are in the same house as they were at your birth. The primary effect of the planet remains unchanged and this has been mentioned in astrology too. It is absolutely clear that there is no scholar or a wise man in this world who can change the houses of the planets. We cannot put the spoken words back into our mouth. Similarly, our actions from our past lives and their results cannot be changed through any remedy.

A person who performs or makes someone else perform actions today will have to bear its fruits along with the fruits of the actions from his past life.

A person who tries to change his past in order to change his present can be called foolish.

Astrology has become a business thanks to media. Every astrologer offers just too many remedies and ways thereby making innocent people dependent on remedies. According to spirituality, a soul has to experience the fruits of all its past actions in order to exhaust it. People keep searching for remedies to make their day better and lucky. Doing so they fail to make use of their brains or abilities as they spend most of their time thinking about remedies shown on television.

Words like Shani (Saturn) and pitradosh (curse of ancestors) are often used to scare people. But if we try to understand these things through logic, we realise that such words are used only to fool people. Everybody gets nervous and scared when they hear of Saturn. Let us try to understand what Saturn does to make us so fearful and how we can save our self from this fear. If we look at Saturn and try to understand its effect in a scientific way we can be free from the fear and doubt. We all know that all planets revolve around the sun. The earth takes one year to revolve around the sun. The light and the warmth of the sun reaches the earth. Saturn takes thirty years to revolve around the sun. Saturn is the farthest planet from the Sun. That is why the warmth and light of the Sun never reach Saturn. So Saturn is always dark and frozen. All planets according to their speed, shape and nature affect all living beings on earth. This mean that Saturn is a slow moving planet that is cold and dark (negative qualities). We wear warm clothes when we feel cold and we use light when we are in darkness. When we want to reach somewhere fast, we use the fastest mode of travel. Similarly, we need to understand how Saturn is affecting us today and what we need to do. If we understand this logic, even the fine rays of Saturn cannot have negative effect.

Is Saturn a God or a Planet:

There is no dearth of people who are scared of Saturn. People try to please Saturn by performing prayers and rituals. We need to think whether Saturn is a planet or a God.

If Saturn is a god like other gods then religious people should worship Saturn. But it is also said that gods and goddesses do not harm anyone so why should we fear Saturn. If a person is scared of Saturn then that is his foolishness. Everyone also thinks that Saturn is the son of Sun and that Saturn dispenses justice. Now the question arises that prior to Saturn’s birth and until Saturn became in charge of dispensing justice was there no justice in this world and if there was justice, who was in charge of it. Before the birth of Saturn and during Satya-Yug when gods and goddesses were born, Saturn was not present and if Saturn was present how come his name was Saturn (as a planet).

On the other hand there are descriptions of the slow movement of Saturn, its cruelty and the problems that Saturn gives. So people who believe in Saturn as a planet are scared. If we think fearlessly and impartially, we realise that during the creation of the world and at the time of birth of human beings, all the planets were in the sky and it was because of the effects of the planets that the world was running smoothly. When Saturn was born, Saturn (planet) was present in the sky.  It is not possible that because of some boon a planet was created overnight and it also started revolving around the sun. According to folk tales and stories sun and Saturn don’t get along. A point worth pondering is if sun and Saturn are inimical to each other then why Saturn revolves around its enemy. Ignorance and hearsay serve to scare and confuse religious people. People who believe in Saturn say that Saturn is the god of justice. It is also true that a judge will not go to somebody’s house to give justice. The person has to go to the court. If a person feels that whatever he is going through in life is because of the fruits of his past actions then he can go to Saturn and ask for justice. When a person places his plea in front of Saturn, Saturn endows him with self-knowledge because of which the person starts to understand which action is giving him which fruit. But it is not certain that this self-knowledge will happen in this life or the next because Saturn works according to his own wishes and not according to others’ wishes. Self-knowledge is dependent on the present actions of an individual.

Saturn, the planet like any other planet is located in the sky and revolves around the sun. The rays of Saturn fall on earth like the rays of other planets.

Saturn is the son of Sun. He dispenses justice if needed. Everybody thinks that Saturn (god) and Saturn (planet) are one and the same. This is because of ignorance. Saturn (god) left his body millions of years ago whereas Saturn (planet) has been in the sky for billion of years. The rays of Saturn (planet) fall on earth and even Saturn (god) cannot escape it. Mr Batra also clarifies that not even gods and goddesses could escape the effects of Saturn (planet) because that time Saturn was already present in the sky. We need to understand that gods and goddesses do not harm anyone and Saturn (god) also cannot harm. We also need to remember that we can please gods through prayers but even gods cannot stop the results of misdeeds. This is because even gods cannot escape Saturn. The nature, colour and life of Saturn (god) is based on the rays of Saturn (planet). How can Saturn (god) save anyone when he himself is vulnerable to the rays of Saturn (planet).

Mr Vijay Batra does not imply that you should stop worshipping Saturn (god) and start worshiping Saturn (planet). He believes and says that worshipping planets brings only mental satisfaction and the belief that the planets have been pacified. But planets cannot be benevolent or malevolent. Planets travel at a uniform speed in the sky. Whether a person is a theist or an atheist, the planets and the gods and goddesses are not concerned and neither do they become happy or unhappy with those who do not worship them. This is why atheists would outnumber the theists. It is because of their own actions and their results that people have to live their life trapped in a web of superstitions and baseless beliefs.

Everybody needs to understand that there are laws of nature according to which every action has a result. This applies to both humans and gods and goddesses. Merit, charity, donation, worship is done for worldly benefits. Spirituality has nothing to do with actions and their fruits. Before performing any prayer for Saturn planet or Saturn god, a person should know whether he is seeking justice or just getting unnecessarily scared. The truth is that you cannot escape the fruits of your actions no matter how much you plead or pray. It is better to use your money, energy and time on self-knowledge than waste them on superstitions.

With Mr Vijay Batra’s logical and spiritual knowledge let us try and understand what exactly is pitradosh or curse of ancestors. Is it a real problem or just a notion floated for personal gain. When a person is unable to solve his problems despite having tried all remedies, he is said to be inflicted by pitradosh. We all are familiar with the concept of pitradosh. People affected by it in their horoscope face challenges and hurdles throughout their life. People perform remedies even without knowing how to please their ancestors. Some people would have seen their grandfather but very few would have seen their great grandfather. You will agree that ancestors mean grandfathers, great grandfathers and his grandfather and so on. No parents think ill for their children. They always want their children to be happy.

  • How can ancestors whom we have not seen and have nothing to do with them be angry at us?
  • How will our ancestors know that we will take birth in their third or fourth or subsequent generation?
  • The elders that we have never met or talked to curse us instead of blessing us?
  • Why will a grandfather or a great grandfather feel unhappy instead of rejoicing when a child is born in the family
  • If ancestors have already taken birth in a different body how will they become happy through the remedies we perform for them?

Everyone knows that every human being is born to endure his karma. Whatever is happening is a result of one’s own actions which is called destiny. If everyone has to experience happiness, unhappiness, problems and hurdles because of their past actions, then what is pitradosh.

  • Are innocent people being fooled for personal gain?
  • Are remedies for cure of ancestors done only for personal benefit despite spending a lot of money?
  • Do the ancestors of those people who do not believe in horoscopes get angry with them? If so then they are not happy as no remedies are performed to appease them.

We need to realize that so many things are told to us to instill fear in us. A person’s horoscope is prepared at the time of his birth and calculations are done for the twelve houses and the nine planets. It is natural that all planets will occupy one of the houses. Sage Bhrigu had devised a formula according to which one could determine the effects of past actions and what a person can do in the present according to the position of the planets. Words like pitradosh have been invented to instill a sense of fear in people. Now it is up to you to see if pitradosh can be present in someone’s horoscope.

Gods-Goddesses or Confusion

            People are always curious to know which god or goddess to worship. They are told to worship a particular god or goddess as per the horoscope to get rid of worldly this is problems. Mr Batra says that this is unfortunate as those who are supposed to guide and show the way mislead people.

The objective of guru, religion and knowledge is to help people get rid of fear. Mr Batra explains in a spiritual way which god or goddess a person needs to worship. Mr Batra says that there are millions of people who are atheist. But the effect of the planets on them is the same as that on theists. Sun does not say that I will shed my light only on the house of the person who worships me. How can the result of devotion be the opposite when a person worships with full faith and devotion? You can find god in a stone if you have unshakable faith. What about people for whom their guru is everything. A guru is believed to be above gods and goddesses.

According to people who talk about gods and goddesses, the life of those who believe in god is never easy. What would you say about people for whom their Guru is above God. How do people come to know which religion a person followed in his past life? It would be interesting to see which fourth eye do such people use to make such claims.

One more thing to consider is that if someone worshiped a different god in his past life and he is asked to worship some different god in this life.

God is one and formless. Deities are akin to ministers with respective departments. A person can go to any department to get his work done. Now you can decide whether astrologers guide or misguide you.

The lack of spiritual education among ordinary people is a recipe for success for those who fool people in the name of god. A person should have enough spiritual knowledge to live his life in a positive and fearless manner. Mr Batra advises self-proclaimed wise men to see if their claims have any logic.


When a person loses hope in astrology, he shifts to Vastu. We all know that the earth revolves around the sun. We need to ponder when the earth revolves, the direction of the house will change. This means that the house should also be moved. Otherwise, how will the Vastu remedy (which is according to east direction) work.

We all know that Vastu is a science. It is claimed that working on Vastu faults can help get rid of problems. There are a lot of books written on Vastu.

North and east directions are given a lot of importance in Vastu. Any Vastu lover would know that as this is fundamental knowledge.

Mr Batra says that nature while creating this world must have created the universe according to Vastu. If we notice, all natural objects are round in shape – planets, trees, mountains, humans etc. This implies that nature believes in round shape.

It is possible that humans invented Vastu for their own convenience. But if we see nature, we realize that round is the best shape for land.

One more thing to consider is the direction of any land is in east then how positive energy can come 24 hours from east. If the sun rises at 6 AM and sets at 6 PM, the direction of the land will be west because the earth revolves at 12 noon and at midnight. The same land will also have north and south directions. This means that no matter which direction a land is in, nature provides rays of all planets from all four directions. The first rays of the sun will fall on the house or office which is in east at 6 AM and the rays fall later on houses and offices that are in the west direction at 6 AM.

Mr Batra says that the earth has intense effect on human beings, destiny, karma and its fruit. Some people and not all who live in apartments fix Vastu problems.

The question is why the effect is different for different people though they live in houses that have the same shape. Why is Vastu blamed only when you have a problem? Why not before?

Mr Batra believes that karma performed by an individual have the maximum effect on the individual himself. If our actions are good, then everything else is fine. Everything in moderation is good while anything in excess is harmful.

Vastu is a science only for the rich. It gives rich people mental satisfaction and leads them to believe that spending lots of money on Vastu will change their destiny. Directions do not have any significance or relevance in spirituality. You have to endure the fruits of your actions no matter which direction your soul is in. Destiny does not have any connection with any object. When a person has this knowledge he can get rid of his superstition and fears.

When Vastu does not work people resort to changing their names with the hope of changing their destiny. The soul has to receive the fruits of actions.

If a name could form/ bear the fruits of actions, then all people with the name Ram would be in exile. Names and numbers were invented by humans for their convenience. Spirituality has nothing to do with names and numbers. Spirituality has a connection only with the soul.

Some people wear clothes according to lucky colours for a particular day. If only destiny could be changed through colours. Nature has given all the colours to earth. Nobody’s destiny is opposite of what he wishes for. Destiny is connected to the fruits of actions. People who are scared of the fruits of their actions resort to remedies. Religion makes you a coward because a person who is excessively religious has excessive fear of heaven and hell. Mr Batra says

  • If wearing gems and stones could alter your destiny then firstly the fate of those mines and mountains would change.
  • If directions could change the course of a person’s life, then people living in a particular direction would be happier.
  • Those who look at houses of the planets in horoscopes should focus more on actions because planets cannot be so small that they have houses.

Describing spirituality, Mr Batra says that the religious level of a person is not his spiritual level.

There is a huge difference between the two. Spirituality is a state where dependence, needs, helplessness, desires, fears, actions, fruits of actions etc become void (zero). When your mind is not affected by any person or external object, that is spirituality. Spirituality is not religion and religion is not spirituality. Spirituality is related to the soul and it is formless whereas religion is related to the physical body and the world.

Chanting of Mantra increases anger!

It is believed that chanting of mantra or performing prayers make the heart peaceful and calm. That is why most people start their day with a mantra or prayer. It is also said that chanting of mantras bring happiness and bliss in the house.

Many people come to meet me every day. They seek solutions for their problems. They say that despite mantra chanting, prayer and worship, they have a lot of anger and negativity at home.

According to my personal experience, two main reasons for anger and lack of peace despite mantra chanting are –

  • Aimless mantra chanting/ worship/ prayer
  • Effect of negative energies in the place where mantra is chanted

Some people chant mantras and perform prayers for years without any aim. They do not seem to know when to stop chanting a mantra. Most people also do not know that it is necessary to stop chanting a mantra. They do not know when to stop chanting.

Everyone knows that energy is created when a mantra is chanted. But people do not know how to use this energy in a positive way.

When the positive energies produced by mantras is not used properly then it can have negative impact on the person and his family. The first sign of this impact is anger.

We also need to remember that the creation of negative energy strengthens negative forces.

We have to focus on our day to day actions that we should perform and those we should not.


Negative effects of remedies!

There are people who take help of astrology, remedies, chanting etc to resolve their problems.

With years of experience and personal research, Mr Batra has concluded that people who claim to be gurus or offer remedies sometimes have to face serious problems themselves. The biggest problems being poor health and lack of peace in their families.

It is said that planets and gods become happy if we worship them. It is also said that any worship or prayer done with selfish motive will not yield any benefit.

A guru can save himself from the negative effects of remedies if he uses his energies along with the person who is suffering.

Every action results in its fruit if we see from a spiritual point of view. The fruits of our actions will end only when we have exhausted it.

A guru must perform a part of the remedy that he suggests because the guru or mentor is answerable. In earlier times, there was a guru who was selfless. He had such a huge repository of his own good karma that he could do good got many villages. The so-called modern-day gurus neither have merits to their credit and nor do they focus on activating their power. Mr Batra does not intend to criticize anyone. He only wants to offer guidance.

How right are rituals?

It is believed that the soul (apart from human form) takes 84 million births/ bodies. Many rituals are performed after death for liberation (Moksha). Do these rituals work or they are just an eye wash to make some gain.

No ritual is performed for any other animal apart from humans. Does this mean that other animals do not attain liberation? Spirits haunt in human form. A soul that takes up a human body keeps searching for its next body. Other animals find a new body despite the lack of rituals after their death.

If the soul enters another body after death, then how will the food fed to him reach him. If rituals can liberate the soul then the act of offering food is unsuccessful. It is possible that the ritual of feeding in the name of the dead was invented for gain. If souls get their new bodies (after death) according to their karmas, then what is the use of rituals performed in fear. If rituals provide liberation then what is the need to perform good actions.

Mr Batra does not envy anyone. He only says that time, money and energy should be used only after understanding the logic behind a particular action.

What kind of Salvation (liberation) do you want?

Almost all religions of the world give importance to Salvation/liberation. It is believed that there is nothing bigger than liberation in this world. It is also said that liberation is the only aim of human life. Every human being aspires for liberation after death. People perform various actions to end the cycle of birth and death.  Humans do not aspire to become like other creatures – birds, reptiles, insects etc hence the desire for liberation.

It can also be said that the fear of 84 million lives makes us strive for liberation.

Some people spread a lot of lies to fool others. Some common lies are

  • Stop desiring. If there is no desire then there is no desire for liberation either. If desire is not required in the world then why is the desire for liberation present in man.
  • Perform selfless actions because actions performed with selfish motives are in vain. If rituals and actions performed for liberation are selfish then no person will attain liberation. The promise of liberation is an easy way to get students.

Liberation/Salvation can be attained only by walking on the path of righteousness. It is said that both heaven and hell exist on earth. If heaven is here then where does the soul go after attaining liberation?

Is the dream of heaven and liberation being sold to confuse and mislead people? This is a serious question.

Ordinary people ignore such questions due to lack of knowledge. Those who talk about such things do not have knowledge about the truth. According to evert guru, salvation can be attained only through the knowledge that he possesses because his guru had given him the same knowledge. Discourse is to be given by a person who has knowledge of god, soul, actions and their fruits but salvation is not guaranteed for most people who give discourses. A person who has no idea about his own liberation aspires to give liberation to others. Is this a source of livelihood for such people who promise liberation?

It is commonly said that lust, greed, ego, anger are vices that make liberation impossible. These vices are nature of the mind. They have nothing to do with the soul. People who give discourses say that god dwells in the soul and that the soul is pure. The nature of humans should be calm so that there is peace in the world. But calling human nature a vice is wrong.

Let us for a minute think that we can attain liberation if we follow the way of the person who is giving us a discourse.

Many gods, sages, seekers and devotees dedicated their life for the welfare of their fellow beings. Some even founded new religions and sects. These divine souls must have certainly attained liberation because their teachings are followed even today.

Does liberation mean helping someone or performing someone’s actions?

 If we have to perform actions even after liberation then why do we need liberation. Actions are performed in all forms of life. Souls that travel on earth without physical bodies are called spirits. Divine souls are not our servants who will appear at our every beck and call.

One ridiculous notion is that even gods and goddesses crave for human form.

  • Is it possible that a divine soul living in heaven will crave for worldly objects?
  • Souls that are quenched and content go to heaven. If a soul possesses worldly desires and if it is not quenched how come it reaches heaven?

The spread of fear and confusion bereft of logic is very harmful for humans. People should believe in spiritual education/ knowledge that is based on logic.

Sex and Spirituality

The moment people hear about the word sex they think of physical relationship because sex is related to physical activities. Some people consider the word sex to be indecent. People also know that sex is a need of every living being. Sex and spirituality are two different needs- sex is a requirement of the physical body and spirituality is a requirement of the soul.

Religions and rules were made in ancient times along with the idea of what is right and wrong. But in spirituality, there is no right or wrong and there is no sin or merit. Things may be right or wrong for an individual depending on his convenience or agreement. The convenience and agreement of a religion is called sin or merit.

In ancient times, when humans used to live alone, they had to fight with other human beings to fulfil their physical desires. Some people came up with the idea of forming relationship with others to fulfil their need for food and sex. This idea has been successful till today.

Everybody in this world is dependent on others for sexual and other needs. The custom of marriage was started so that worldly and bodily (sexual) needs could be fulfilled from time to time. A profound idea behind marriages was to protect the wife from other men and give her financial support. In lieu, the wife was committed to the husband and would not have sex with any other man.

One reason why women did not have sex with other men was because the husband was committed to the upbringing of his children. In earlier days only the man would earn and as a result the woman was under the man’s subjugation sometimes against her will. Today women are not dependent on men for fulfilment of their needs.

There are seven types of chakras in the human body. All the seven chakras have their own energy and they also have their respective work. Seven elements are present in the body- vata, pitta, kapha, urine, stool, air and semen. Excess of any of these elements is the cause of disease. This is why excess semen can travel to the brain and cause imbalance because semen has tremendous heat.

We all agree that everything we get is a result of our actions. But there is another truth too. We meet people with whom we have some connection (give and take) from our past life. The fruits of physical karma (performed in previous life) have to be experienced by the body in the present life.

That is why people will have sex only with those with whom they have something to do from the previous life.

There are a lot of instructions for both men and women. But because of financial advantage men cannot remain sexually faithful to only one woman. Men have been having sex with more than one woman since ancient times. But society did not give the same freedom to women because women were in a disadvantaged position both physically and financially.

Religious people have more sexual desires but they perform a lot of religious activities to supress their sexual desires and divert their attention. But most of their efforts are futile because positive activities and mantras generate positive energy which in turn increases the desire for sex. Religious people advice to stay away from sex and meditate on god. One issue worth considering is can god be achieved without sex. If this is so then nobody would achieve god or only those with mental illness or those who are unmarried would achieve god.

Sex and liberation do not have any connection. Sex is related to the body while spirituality is related to the soul.

The biggest reason for fights among married couples is sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual dissatisfaction can lead to divorce or result in multiple sexual relationships. It is necessary to understand each other’s sexual needs and have a conversation.

Some people say that sex is the condition of being void in spirituality. This is utterly wrong. It is true that when a person has physical needs he will not have his focus on the need of the soul. This is why a person should have bodily satisfaction (sex) prior to the need of the soul (spirituality). In spirituality, there are no physical needs or physical requirements.

When the soul was created in the world, it did not have the need for sex because soul does not have senses. Senses are present in the physical body and the soul has sense from one to five. Senses like food, sleep and sex do not have any other work while through the human body (six senses) liberation is possible.

There is a big difference between the end result of sex and spirituality. Sex is a physical experience that can be enjoyed only for a limited time while the experience of spirituality is sublime. Spirituality is a void that contains knowledge of the universe. People who want to have sex and want spiritual progress too can neither live their life nor live spirituality.

Spirituality means not being dependent on any action, object, person or rules. Spirituality means focusing on the formless and void. A place, time or rules might have importance for a person. To possess the knowledge of void and for karmas to become (reduce to zero) is spirituality.

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